Belgian Newspaper Reports Allegedly True Story of Misha's Father

Update: There has been much objection to the article that appeared in Le Soir on the part of readers who felt it was unfair... consequently in fairness we are adding the disclaimer that the story, as reported in Le Soir, may be unfairly biased or not properly researched. If Le Soir retracts or modifies their reporting we will post accordingly.

The Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported yesterday that Misha Defonseca's father was a traitor, not a Jewish victim of the Holocaust. Based on interviews with Misha's 88-year old cousin Emma De Wael and a former coworker 98-year old Robert Van den Haute, the story was written by Marc Metdepenningen and is available in French at Le sombre pasee du pere de Misha.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for having restated the wording of your last blog and removed the words "Nazi collaborator". One can have long discussions in order to know whether Robert De Waele was or not a traitor, or if he has given up under the torture, but he definitely was not a collaborator.

Marc said...

the evidences were published today by lesoir.be:

de wael was really a traitor - he has not given up under the torture,(certified by official documents)