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by Jane Daniel
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Publication Date: November 1, 2008
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Anonymous said...

Jane, I wish you all the luck in the world and am looking forward to receiving my copy of your book.

People like Defonseca who perpetrate these kind of hoaxes, especially those claiming to be holocaust victims, are the lowest of the low. They often manage to gather quite a fan-club around them, being particularly manipulative and convincing types, who often set people against each other 'behind the scenes' in order to stop people communicating with each other and thus discovering the truth. And, after all, who wants to question the claims of a 'holocaust victim', especially if the result is to be labeled a 'denier' 'fascist' or Nazi', which is what these people do, screaming loudly and claiming 'victim!'. I've followed the Defonseca case fairly closely, it's incredibly riveting, especially to me as a Jew (albeit non-practising).

Best of luck, Jane, sincerely.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Defonseca in jail for this hoax? This boggles my mind that somebody can commit such a cruel fraud/hoax and still walk the streets a free person.
I wish you much luck in life, you deserve it.

hANOVER fIST said...

The thing is that Defonseca has been made to profit from this massive hoax, where Jane has been made to suffer.

Misha needs to have this admission made on the front pages of many newspapers, and restitution made for her false claims, and Jane Daniel's reputation restored.

I, for one, had read you blog earlier this year, but the many goings-on around the world caused me to lose touch.

No longer.

I will write at length about this in the next few hours.

My best to you, Jane.

Carroll Strays said...

I, too, wish you luck. I almost depair of the legal systen of late, and I are a lawyer.

Carroll Straus