According to Le Soir, the largest newspaper in Belgium, Misha Defonseca just admitted that her story was a hoax: Article in French!

European Newspaper Articles continue to Pour In
Correspondents in Europe continue to send articles in French and Dutch from European publications as the controversy around this story grows. Links have been added to the link list at right. Most are in French. The Flemish article is written in Dutch.

We will continue to add links as they are sent to us.

Parlez-Moi Blog has added another article "Too Many Questions" which includes information from genealogist Sharon Sergeant on how she and two professional associates made the discoveries that led to finding the Baptismal certificate and the school record.

Belgian Newspaper LaMeuse Article
Yesterday a newspaper in Belgium, La Meuse, ran an article which included interviews with two women, Alice and Fernande, who were childhood friends of Misha Defonseca. A rough translation and synopsis of the article is posted on Parlez-Moi Blog.


Robert Ambrogi said...


Anonymous said...

After everything you have been through the past ten-plus years, the events of the past few days (i.e., "Misha" admitting that it was all a hoax) must seem surreal.

Once I started reading your blog, I could not stop. This is a fascinating story--you could not make this stuff up!

Good luck with your book, and with FINALLY getting justice! (Karma is a funny thing...)

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that Jane is able to recoup the money she's had to shell out for this total fiasco. I also hope that "misha's" attorney gets disbarred. What they did to Jane is criminal.


Anonymous said...

Hits, quite rightly, are going through the roof.

I sympathise hugely, and hope there will now be some recompense for the suffering you
have had, cause by a woman with, apparently, no scruples.

As has been stated elsewhere, this story is an insult to people who have truly suffered. And no, people who question are not automatically deniers, they are just people seeking the truth.

Sally J. said...


I started reading your story tonight and literally could.not.stop.

I learned about this incredible tale thanks to Sharon Sergeant. I'm glad that my fellow history geeks (Sharon, Maureen, Colleen and others) are such skilled "History Detectives."

Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your best friend. What a nightmare. I sincerely hope that some shred of justice and peace will come your way now that Misha's evil lies have been exposed.

-Sally J.

The Practical Archivist

Clay said...

This is - all of it - positively Dickensian. When I heard of the wolf tale's recent exposure, I had not connected it to the Mt. Ivy litigation. Having spent the day getting through your blog, I want to extend my sympathies, and best wishes that this new twist signals a sea change to your benefit. Perhaps the underlying falsity will allow a finding of 'fraud on the court' sufficient to allow you to re-open some of the legal matters beyond the time when they would otherwise be barred. (The same instinct which makes some sort of interpersonal 'leeway' in dealing with Holocaust survivors seem natural ... results in a violent and visceral disgust for fraudulent claims.) I hope the Law is still able to help you find a path to restitution and redemption. Cordially, CC