Two Documents from after the Trial

These two documents were uncovered after the trial in the lawsuit Misha Defonseca brought against her American publisher, Mount Ivy Press. They are posted here because they provide information about her name and birth. The first is the Deed to her house registered on November 20, 1985, which indicates that the property was held by Maurice J. Defonseca and Monique Ernestine Defonseca. The name Ernestine does not appear in the American or European editions of the book, but does appear on the baptismal record from Etterbeek.

The second is a Taxpayer ID Card attached to a joint bank account with her husband, Maurice, which she signed as Monique (Misha) Defonseca
on August 6, 1998. On it she states her date of birth as "05/12/37", her place of birth as "Etterbeek, Belgium" and her mother's maiden name as "Donville". This information is consistent with the baptismal record, except for the spelling of her mother's maiden name which is spelled "Donvil" on the baptismal record. This would suggest that the differing date of birth, 2/9/1937, on the school record may well be a clerical error. The father's name on the school record, Robert, is consistent with that on the baptismal record.
Both documents can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Rebecca said...

I have been meaning to look at this site for some time; and now that I finally have, I find I can't stop reading about this unbelievable miscarriage of justice. Certainly you will have public opinion on your side, as the truth behind your new supporting documents clearly dispel the fraud perpetrated by the author(s), but then how does one get the "justice" system to reconsider this case? Wishing you a speedy reversal of this horrible nightmare.