My Public Apology to Jane Daniel

I have been troubled deeply, and riddled with anger, shame, guilt, and a myriad of emotions. Like many other unfortunate souls, I came under the spell and perceived charm of Misha Defonseca. I bought into the whole package, and even adopted as my own, her feelings and opinions about publisher Jane Daniel. My head is full of concocted stories, of jealousy and falsehoods.

Jane Daniel is a lovely, intelligent, professional woman who holds none of the titles or qualities, she was accused of wrong fully possessing. An unflattering picture was painted of her and I accepted this, as did many others. Jane spoke not one unkind word about Misha, and we became friends when we finally connected. The vitriolic and hateful language was most undeserving and she needs to know how badly I feel about the turn of events and my changed feelings.

No one should judge Jane the way I did. I realize now I made a terrible mistake. The stories about Jane are so very untrue, and I was so hugely premature in basing my opinions about her. I want every reader to know of my heartfelt apology. The greatest lesson I learned from all of this is to always keep an open mind and know that there are always two sides to every story. Judgement should not be made until all the information is on the table. Jane Daniel's credibility should be returned and never be questioned ever again


Karen Schulman